Hey all you cool cats and kettens,
Welcome to Squirtle's Big Dance Rescue

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This party is rated mature, enter at your own peril.

This Saturday we have massive entertainment all sharing the same amazing dance floor. Here's your How-To guide for the festivities:

Step 1: Stream good music

We highly recommend using your laptop so you can get the full experience with the dance room.

Step 2: Club Blastoise

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This party is rated mature, enter at your own peril.

Now that you're all set up, welcome to the dance floor!

We all miss dancing with friends, strangers and freaks. While we can't recreate the communion of the dance floor, we can still see each other in the moment having a bomb ass time. So we welcome you to a rare internet safe space. Bust out your dusty costumes from your garage, find that special outfit, dig out your burner hat and get ready to get loose. Come play with us! No more sitting on your couch. No more staring into oblivion. It's time to jump into the abyss and groove to our favorite music.

It's time for it to TRULY be House Music!

Step 3: Choose your own atmosphere (CYOA)

We can't all share the same dance floor, but we can create our own vibe. Find a nice spot in your house where you can mob around and feel the grove. Costumes are highly encouraged! I know we all miss dressing up, so find one of your funky get ups, get out of your pajamas, and lets kick it 2019 style!

Love you all. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Don't Leave your house. Repeat.

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